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My Poetry Book – I’m My Father’s Child: A Search for Christ

I'm My Father's Child: A Search for Christ - My Poetry Book - DreamerWrite Blog. This book has been in the making for many years, and now, I finally completed. It's a Christian poetry and devotional book compiled into 3 parts. Please enjoy :)

I’m My Father’s Child: A Search for Christ

A Book of Poetry and Devotion

Hi all! I am so excited to share my poetry book with you. It has been a long time in the making, as it was a project I started way back in high school. Over the years I’ve adjusted here and there and also just, well, forgot about it, to be honest. Life happened. I finished college, got married right away, and then we had our first child right after that. Don’t get me wrong. . . I LOVE MY LIFE! I wouldn’t change any of it for the world, including the bad and the good.

All of that is besides the point though. Anywho, back to my book. The book is called I’m My Father’s Child: A Search for Christ. It’s a poetry and devotion book that is broken down into three parts. Part 1 is called Desperation, and includes poems about things like pain and death. This first part in the book are pretty much what a lot of us go through at our lowest moments in life. The next section in the book, Part 2, is called Hope. This part includes poems that start giving hope and strength to move on and get through the next step. You’ll find poems about persevering and choosing a path in this section. Lastly, Part 3, is called Completion. Here, there are poems about God’s glory and finding your strength in Him. There are also some poems about images as simple as the sky or a storm.

In writing my poems, I’ve embraced things that I’ve been through, as well as situations I’ve seen others go through. Some of the poems are even poems I came up with just because of one word that I read someplace or a picture that I saw somewhere. I tell you, sometimes my mind just runs with things, creating its own stories. It keeps life interesting though. 🙂

I truly pray that this book can find its way to touch your heart and give you strength and courage when you need it most. I pray God uses the words He has given me to help you along your path in life, if you should so need it. Please be encouraged and enjoy. Oh, and, of course, if you like it, share, share, share. Tell the world, get it as gifts (stocking stuffers, gift exchanges, etc), buy one, gift one. I would truly be appreciative.

This blog is all about finding motivation to live out your dreams, and this most definitely is one of mine. I am genuinely grateful to all of you for your support in my blog, my book, and my dreams!!!!!

You can purchase your copy several of ways. Click this link here to be directed straight to Amazon.com. Click on the picture above, again, to be directed straight to Amazon.com. Last way, just go to Amazon.com and search I’m My Father’s Child, or even just my name, Tielle Surita. I will say though if you click on one of the affiliate links above, it will support me that much more. A little goes a long way.


If you read a copy of my book, or even just a portion, please share what you thought in the comments below. What did you like? How did it encourage you or someone you may know in your time of need (don’t worry you don’t have to be too personal with this one)? Thank you, thank you, thank you all again, a thousand times over!

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