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Jump Into Creativity: A Fire Within

Jump Into Creativity: A Fire Within short story - DreamerWrite.com A short story about a girl with abilities she has yet to fully grasp, and a love that is strong enough to show her things she would not have seen otherwise.

A Fire Within

The halls expanded in and out with each breath she took. The locker doors rattled on the verge of bursting open. As she walked the floor crunched beneath her feet, leaving holes when her foot moved to its next step. Freddy slowly placed his hand, finger by finger, on her shoulder and whispered in her ear. Everything suddenly went still. The girl burst into tears, falling to the floor.

“Sarah we have to go before they find us,” Freddy said in a rushed tone.

“But how, why, whhha wha what are you doing outside of the cell? I thought they were heading to kill you. I was about to destroy them all,” Sarah managed to get out through sniffles and sobs.

“I found a way out. I couldn’t leave this world without at least seeing you one more time. Somehow, someway, that gave me the strength to break free. I gave up in there Sarah. I was defeated and ready to die. I was about to kill myself before they had the chance, but as I closed my eyes for, what I thought was, the final time, all I could see was your smile. Your grey eyes staring back at me, haunted my thoughts. Your last touch electrocuted me from the inside out. It jump started my heart on my last breath and revived me.”

“Freddy, you don’t know what I’ve been through trying to find you, wondering if you were okay. How many people I’ve killed to get here.”

“I’m here now. I’m here now. We really need to get out of here though. I’m sure they figured out that I escaped by now. I saw a laundry shoot on my way over here. We can probably use that. Your abilities are not stable enough to rely on to get us out. Please just come with me Sarah. We can talk more later, but right now, we have to leave.”

A screeching bell sounded throughout the old building. The floor begin to disappear. The walls and roof crumbled. The noises all faded. Everything was completely black. Not even outlines could be seen.

Sarah lifted her head only to find that class had ended and the teacher was waiting for her to leave, since she was the last one left. She slept through yet another class today. It’s been getting worse each week. Before it was maybe sleeping through one class every other week, but now it’s been at least one per day, sometimes even two or three. Sarah couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. She got her full eight hours of sleep each night and always had a healthy breakfast. She wasn’t even undergoing any high stress in her life. Here she was though. Dreaming.

All of her dreams were always related. Each one seeming to pick up where the other left off. Her dreams repeatedly consisted of her and these crazy abilities, which constantly seemed the strongest and most controlled when she was angry. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. She wondered why Freddy was unceasingly in every dream too. Sarah was very confused. She never even talked to Freddy before.

Freddy was the hottest guy in school. The girls never failed to drool over him, and they practically fainted every time he walked in a room. Sarah, however, told herself she would never fall for the tall, green-eyed boy, with his jet black spiked hair and a grin only a model could possess. She was sure that Freddy was to be avoided at all costs.

Sarah knew she would never have to worry about Freddy coming anywhere near her though, as she was the school nerd. She was the freak that everyone laughed at. She was invisible and ignored by almost all. Even most of the teachers failed to realize she was there, always skipping over her name during role call. That’s most likely why she was able to get away with sleeping in class so much.

The door to the private study in the library creaked open, jolting Sarah from her thoughts. She would have pretended to not realize any one was there, like she had become so accustomed to, except she stared directly at Mr. green-eyed himself. She looked him over, taking in his leather jacket, ripped jeans, and the motorcycle helmet he was holding in his hands. Yep. She definitely melted over him just like the rest of the hopeless romantic saps.

Sarah scrambled her things and started heading out the door, but came to a frozen solid stop as Freddy asked, “Sarah, where are you going? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

“You’ve been looking for me?” Sarah asked Freddy dazed and more confused than ever before.

“Of course I have. I wanted to thank you for rescuing me last night. You were really brave, and your abilities are ridiculous. I mean the floor actually. . .”

“Wait, Freddy. What are you talking about? What do you mean abilities?”

“Oh Sarah, don’t you remember anything,” Freddy said with a slight chuckle.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve never even talked to you before now. Let alone rescued you with abilities that I never knew I had. Look, I was just leaving. I’m really not in the mood to play games right now.”

“Listen, meet me here after school. I’m not sure what they did to you, but I’m going to help you Sarah. I will figure it out, and we will pay them back for all that they’ve done to us.”

“Why on earth would I meet you after school? You sound like a crazy person. I don’t know what drug you’re on right now, but I. . .”

Freddy put his finger to her lip and bent down, kissing her with so much passion and familiarity that Sarah couldn’t help but let go and give in. That’s when it all came flooding back to her. Picture after picture, scene after scene, came flying back through her thoughts. Her bag dropped to the ground as she said, “Freddy, I remember.”


Your turn friends. Please feel free to add any story line suggestions, or even a paragraph or two more, in the comment section below. As with the other short stories on my blog, I do not plan on adding more to them. They will always just been fun little snippets that randomly pop into my head. If you need some help coming up with stuff to add on just think of these few questions to get those minds turning:
What happened to Sarah’s memory? / What abilities does Sarah have exactly? / Does Freddy have any abilities? / Is Sarah living in two different worlds (reality and a dream world) that are now intertwining? How?

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