How to Put Your Dream to Action: 5 Foundations for Your Dream to Become a Reality

How to Put Your Dream to Action - Blog. What comes after the idea of a dream? Action. The 5 base foundations, in this blog post, to putting action behind making your dreams come true can help not only motivate you to get done what it is you have to, but can also help you grow yourself as well.How to Put Your Dream to Action: 5 Foundations for Your Dream to Become a Reality

So you have a dream, a passion, a love for something so unexplainable, so undeniable. Now what? We, as the human beings that nature constantly forms us to be, most often times lower our dreams to the standards and circumstances surrounding us. There’s just not enough time, not enough money, and, quite honestly, not enough hope in the outcome. We face the fears of failing, of succeeding, of what people will think, of not knowing how to go about accomplishing our dreams, and so many other things that want to stand in the path between us and a dream that is worth fighting for. If we can only find the courage to fight for that dream, we may just see the budding of it after all. When all’s said and done though, that’s exactly what it takes . . . courage.

Sometimes you have to just go. Use the littlest, broken and shattered, piece of courage you can find and slowly begin to repair it. Mold that piece of courage and add to it. Create something new, something grander than you could ever have imagined. Make that piece of courage shine and stand proud, just with a simple thought. All you have to do is put the action behind it. Yes, it is as hard as it sounds.

It’s one thing to think up a small dream and imagine all the places that dream could go, but it’s a completely new and crazy thing to actually and truly go to work at making that dream a new reality. There is good news though. No matter what point of life you are in (single, married, kids, career, etc.), your dream can come true. I know it sounds impossible. We watch all the movies and read all the books (at least I do anyway) and think, yeah right, of course their dreams come true, it’s fiction. My question is, why can’t it happen in my own reality? Those fictional characters all took their own ideas, their own dreams, and put action to them, whether it was kissing a frog, wearing a glass slipper, or putting in the work and effort to do more, to become better, they figured out what they needed to do in order to make their own, individual, dreams come true. Well, here’s a big DUHHHHH. . . you can too!

What actions can the everyday man or woman take to make his or her own dreams come true? Let’s see, I believe that answer can be different for everyone. I’m going to list a few general base foundations you can act on to kick start the budding of your dream and make it blossom in the process.


1.Start with an idea.

Every one of us has new ideas that come and go frequently, whether we pay attention to them or not. Why else would there be so many different inventing shows out there to help people make their dreams a reality? There’s food stars, cake stars, everyday products, children stars, talent stars in general, singers, rappers, dancers, fashion stars. You name it, and there most likely is a TV production going on to create those stars, giving us ordinary people a chance to succeed in our passions and dreams. It all starts with an idea. An idea that grows the more we feed it, and becomes more practiced the more time we sow into it. It is definitely not a reality for most of us to drop everything to give life to this idea, or dream, if you will. However, we can move things around in our daily lives and daily schedules to give opportunity for it.

2.Feed your mind.

That brings me to the next step. Once you have your idea (the simple start to your dream) nailed down, you need to feed your mind with things that will help motivate you to make moves towards your dream. If you do not constantly feed your mind with something towards your dream’s end goal or even just it’s continuous growth, you will most likely never go any further with making your dream come true. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. You cannot create an insta-dream. Things always will need to fall into place in order for a dream to happen, no matter the circumstances.

That being said, back to moving things around in our daily lives to give opportunity for feeding our dreams. There are several things you can easily do. Maybe, instead of turning on the TV as soon as you can, or playing a videogame, or something else random that isn’t a necessity when it comes to you personally or your family, take the time to do what you need to for your dream. Maybe while you’re driving, walking, working out, or whenever else you would most likely listen to music, or broadcasts, or whatever, you replace it with listening to motivational speakers or audiobooks. Maybe even reading motivational books if you can fit 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there for that. You could even use the time you find in between everything that absolutely has to be done in your day, to research what you need and what you need to do for your dream (i.e. how it works, what others have done, what materials you need, costs, and so so so much more).


Bringing us to step numero uno. Research. Research all the ins and outs of what you need in order for your dream to become a reality. I mentioned a few things above, but the possibilities of what you can research are endless. Be careful not to overwhelm yourself though, and above all else, do not look specifically for things that will give you a lack of conviction in your dream. I have done this. Sometimes you can’t help it. Sometimes negativity just falls into your lap. Don’t get me wrong, it is smart to know the downfalls and hardships that are involved, but just be sure not to let them become or turn into your main focus and overwhelm everything else good you find that’s related to your dream. For me, I’ve come across things in my research that show how hard it can be to blog and to write a book (my two main dreams that stemmed from my original idea of writing as my  passion). It is important to keep your dream your main focus above all else and to continue feeding your mind with motivation and POSITIVE research so that you will not lose hope.

4.Positive In. . . Negative Out

Filling your mind with negativity in life for anything, dream related or not, will never grow you as a person. Shield and protect your mind and heart with blockers that bounce negativity back to wherever it tries to come from. Whether the place of origin be the internet, TV, movies, books, music, people, find a way to replace those things (or at least the negative things being said) with positivity. For example, if your dream is to be a pilot, allowing yourself to take in anything that has to do with falling or crashing, will probably result in either you losing hope in your dream or constantly fearing that unknown while actually living out your dream (which, will never leave room for growth). So, back to step two, simply feed your mind and feed it with positive things that will help you grow and your dream grow, rather than take you the opposite direction.

5.Use your research

Now that all of that’s said, start with piece by piece of the research that you’ve been studying up on and, well, actually do it. You might find this or that along the way that you’re not too sure of, but, no worries, those things will just open the doors for you to continue your research to help you become more knowledgeable in what you are setting out to accomplish. How on earth can that ever hurt anything right? Always continue to move forward and do not give room to go backwards or to stay in one place too long where your dream is concerned. Before you know it, your dream will have already started becoming a reality.

How to Put Your Dream to Action - Blog. What comes after the idea of a dream? Action. The 5 base foundations, in this blog post, to putting action behind making your dreams come true can help not only motivate you to get done what it is you have to, but can also help you grow yourself as well.

Just keep up these base foundations and watch your dream soar! It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3 (or, in the case of these steps, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Having the foundations for growing a better you, will grow a bigger and bigger dream, and will eventually give light to the possibilities of that dream becoming apart of your life like you have always hoped for. Go and make it happen. The only thing that will ever be the most in your way is you. Take courage and fly right beside your dream, or you will only ever watch others fly in your place.



What are some things that you do to fill your mind with positivity? Or, even, what are some things that you do to replace unproductive time with productive time in your life? After all, the more ideas for others the merrier, and they do say, it helps to write things down (makes them seem more true). Add your thoughts to the comments below.

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