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Dream Up Some Poetry: We Are All People

Dream Up Some Poetry: We Are All People - DreamerWrite Blog. A poem about living together, being individuals, and being comfortable with just that!

We Are All People

We are all people

People with dreams and aspirations

People with fears and failures

We are all people

We sleep

We eat

We drink

We cry

We mourn

We pray

We laugh

We live

Live blindly

Crave and desire a blindness to color

To fame and fortune

To classes and castes

Live blindly to the differences

To the similarities

We, as a people, need to stand united

Fall united

Not let the triumphs,

The successes

Brought forth from failures of the past

Go to waste

Live and love

Follow your path

Find your path

Dream up new paths

And collaborate

Collaborate with others

Who share your passions

Who will gain support of their dreams

As they support yours

Dream Up Some Poetry: We Are All People - DreamerWrite Blog. A poem about living together, being individuals, and being comfortable with just that!

Choose to embrace



That are or are not your own

Remove discrimination

By removing hate and anger

By forgiving

By letting go of the ropes that bind you

We are all people

Different, yet the same

We all matter

We all were created by the same God

We all have sinned in one way or the other

We all have done good deeds

We are all people

When it’s all said and done

Choose to live

Choose to love

Choose to open your eyes



To happiness

Blinding and blocking out

Anything else

We are all people

We all matter

Together, we stand united

Together, we fall

Together, we create the world

The world our families and friends live in

The world that we live in

Be the person that rises above

A person you yourself can stand behind

A person you yourself can be proud of


Be the people

Hi all! Please let me know what you think of this week’s poem in the comments below and how it has helped you in anyway, if it has, that is.
Apart from that, let’s do a writer’s challenge!!!!
In two or three sentences feel free to write in the comments below what matters to you. What has shaped you? What are your dreams and aspirations? What is that thing that motivates you daily to be a better you? No pressure or anything 🙂 You can even make it fun and do a mini poem out of it, and please, if you end up writing a story stemmed from this, let me know. I’d love to hear about it. Thanks everyone. I hope you all enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Dream Up Some Poetry: We Are All People

  1. Awesome poem! I love it.

    What matters to me is my family. My beautiful, gifted, talented daughter especially who means the world to me. My grandchild (soon to be grandchildren) that she has blessed me with. My entire family is where I find my great sense of joy. The lives that I have had the opportunity to touch and influence are what motivate me to continue to give. I am who I am because of the people in my life who have always been there for me. People who may have only played a small part or people who continue every day to play a part in my life. My hope is that in my lifetime, I make a difference to someone. I embrace life and all that God has given me. I am truly grateful to Him!

    Find the light
    in your moment of despair
    look for comfort
    when life is unfair

    when others
    cannot see
    be the light
    they need you to be

    be the comfort
    the hope
    the strength

    just be…

    1. Thank you:) What a great and beautiful poem! It seems like you definitely know what matters to you. I encourage you to trust in God and go out and make that difference, or even many tiny differences everyday (you never know what the small things can do for people and the world as a whole in the grand scale of things). Be bold and fearless and have faith in Him.

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