10 Writing Prompts For Those Who Just Want Ideas

10 Writing Prompts For Those Who Just Want Ideas - DreamerWrite Blog. Can't think of what to write about? Need a jump start? Here are a few writing prompts to get the juices flowing.

10 Writing Prompts For Those Who Just Want Ideas

Sometimes coming up with ideas to write about can be the last thing you want to do. Sometimes you just need to write. Well, I can speak for myself anyway. Maybe you just want ideas that you may or may not have already thought about, for this thing, that thing, or the other. Who knows, but you. It’s nice to be able to just find other mindsets out there with ideas to compare and contrast, to twist and turn and maybe even combine, so that you can come up with an end product that is all your own.

I came up with a few writing prompts below for anyone who wants to use them, or anyone who needs them. Feel free to take them and run with them. Feel free to make them your own. We can all use a little push, or jump start, every once and a while. That being said, what are you waiting for? Get to reading and writing, mixing and matching, relaxing and enjoying, and just simply creating a new something that you can say you crafted to perfection!

1.The old man walked with a crooked cane, with the look of a bear and the feel of a snake. His eyes directed to her and bore into her soul.

2. He dove into the water full of shade after shade of blue. He swam to the reefs and corals. He swam to the very depths of the water, where not even the sun could find.

3. A house sat at the top of the hill. Its windows were shattered and its sides caved in. No one knew how it was still standing. As the winds of the storm grew stronger, the townspeople gathered around hoping that little house would finally creak its last. Though, as they watched, the house became straighter and the wind gathered the broken glass, somehow heating and melting the pieces to form the windows the house once knew.

4. She sniffed the air and could tell the wolf had not gone far. The wolf had tortured the girl and her family for its last night. Now it was time to hunt.

5. A baby cried in the distance. The children ran to see where the noise was coming from. They wondered how there would be a baby nearby in the middle of the meadow, when there was nothing in sight but the emerald green of the grass and the pinks and oranges of the sun setting in the sky. That’s when they saw the baby stroller heading straight towards them, pulling itself, so it seemed.

6. “You don’t understand what he meant to me. He was all that I had left in this world. He was my only purpose for living,” cried out the girl with the red gloves.

“Then why did you kill him?”

7. Gray cat eyes stared at him from under the bleachers. From where he was leaning, he could not tell what kind of cat it was, but he did realize that the cat did not show fear like most stray cats he came across. The cat’s eyes actually revealed somewhat of a boldness that shook him to the core. The eyes seemed familiar, in a way, as though he’d stared into them before. Had he? That’s when he remembered the girl from the burger shop down the road. How could he forget that girl with black hair that looked like tar, but was as smooth as velour when it brushed him as he walked by her? How could he not remember those eyes, those gray, cat eyes?

8. The rocks croaked behind him. He turned to run just as the rocks shot forward, along with a gush of water that could easily swallow him whole.

9. Keys clicking away on the keyboard. Eyes blinded by the light streaming from the monitor. If only I weren’t a bear, she thought.

10. The hair salon wreaked of chemicals and someone’s old lunch. She was used to the smell by now. Who wouldn’t be breathing it in four days a week for ten hours at time? Then, he walked in.


Let me know how you like the writing prompts in the comments section below. I would love to hear some thoughts and ideas as I will provide more writing prompts moving forward. Please add snippets of stories you wrote using these prompts or even links out to places your story may have been published. It’s always enjoyable to read where others take ideas, as they can go so many different ways. Thank you all!

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